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About Site
Site Bitstlk is a shortcut site links, pays money to the owner of the shortcut link
How does the site work?
The way is very simple is the first must
Create an account very easily from here
You are accessing your account and placing the link you want to abbreviate from here
Post a short link to social networking sites, blogs and forums

Why you account Deleted or banned ?
1. I have shortened some porn videos
2. I have shortened some pornographic images
3. I have shortened some of the link and skipped it myself
4 - the use of some programs and VPN and proxy
5 - Explain to visitors how to skip the link

How do you calculate the visit?
The visitor must pass the kebacha code
Wait for a few seconds and press Skip
The visit is then calculated and added to the profits
When does the site pay?
The site pays when it reaches the minimum payment
Information is very important
Adspuma will not pay you for visitors resulting from the use of any site for visitor exchange or
Your account is permanently closed without notice and the accounts are periodically reviewed
The site also has the right to adjust the prices and the usage policy at any time the site sees
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